Welcome to Integral Leadership Institute

Founded in 2005, the Integral Leadership Institute is a not-for-profit think-tank and registered educational charity that conducts research into exceptional leadership and organisations. The Institute's aim is to facilitate the development of leaders, people and the community through Living Philosophy Courses and Events that help individuals to discover their inner potential for the benefit of themselves and humanity.

About Living Philosophy 


Living Philosophy is a way of thinking that puts the simple truths of life into daily practice that has helped thousands of people worldwide to reach inner peace and clarity of purpose in life.

Living Philosophy courses teach how to clear your mind of the judgements, attachments and self talk that clouds your thinking and builds present moment awareness of your thoughts and choice of actions in life.

Living Philosophy courses bring together the latest ideas of modern science and psychology together with the wisdom of Eastern and Western philosophy into a language we can all understand and apply into everyday living.

The insights gained through living philosophy can rapidly transform your thinking and provide life-long skills that reduce stress, improve relationships and help you connect with your inner purpose and happiness in life.

The course presenters have been involved with the study, teaching and practical application of philosophy in their own lives for many years. They have an interactive and easy to understand approach where students can freely share their thoughts and life experiences in a friendly group setting. 

The Living Philosophy community draws people of all ages and backgrounds to a common purpose of exploring and improving their own lives through understanding themselves and their place in the universe.

The introductory course MindFlow  provides a basic framework for students to learn the core concepts and sets a pathway for personal growth through other courses and weekend workshops held each term.

Living Philosophy Courses run for 10 weeks and are offered 3 times per year on Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm till 9.00pm during school term.