Introductory Course: "MindFlow"

MindFlow is a practical course in how to be in the moment and find the optimal experience of flow that leads to greater satisfaction and fulfilment in life. The course brings together the latest ideas, research and practical tools to show you how to observe your thoughts, experience mental clarity and flow in everyday life.

Topics Covered:
  • What is Mindfulness, Present Moment Awareness and Flow?
  • Research and Benefits of Mindfulness.
  • Attention and States of Awareness
  • Functions and Operation of Mind
  • Self, Ego and Attachments
  • The Mindful Awareness Exercise
  • Practical Techniques for Home and Work
  • Experiencing Beauty and Qualities of Consciousness
  • Flow and Research on its Value
  • Conditions to bring about Flow
  • Connecting Flow and Mindfulness.
  • Finding Fulfilment through Mindfulness and Flow

This course will help you understand how to be fully in the present without attachments, judgments and assumptions, and how this impacts the challenges we face in life. The course leads to improved skills in being in the present moment, relating to others, dealing with stressful or difficult situations, and being in a harmonious state in your work and home life.

Time: Tuesdays  6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Term 1: 17 Feb – 21 April 2015
Term 2: 9 June – 11th Aug 2015
Term 3: 22 Sept – 24th Nov 2015
Facilitator: Dr Ron Cacioppe

Ron is a well know teacher, writer and presenter who has been involved with the study, teaching and practical application of mindfulness, eastern philosophy and modern behavioural science for many years. Ron has an interactive, humorous and simple approach so that everyone is able to understand and translate the practical benefits in their life.  

Pre-Requisites: Just an Open Mind
Venue: Heathcote - Murray House, 58-60 Duncraig Road, Applecross.

Fee: $220 standard / $180 concession or Earlybird special (paid in full by 15 Sept. 2015) 

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