Spirituality in the 21 st century explores both the central role of spiritualism in the human experience and its intrinsic role and function in our lives today.  From the role of spirituality in the workplace, our families and social relationships to the cosmos....our "territory" has no boundaries!  

Given the cataclysmic wars, the degradation of our planet and despite widespread material wealth, particularly in "Western" nations and the almost endemic unhappiness and mental issues that seem to be a current characteristic of these countries, what role does and can spirituality play in rebalancing our society?

Course Topics:
  • The role of spiritualism in the 21 st century
  • Spirituality in the workplace and beyound.
  • Quantum physics and the 'ground of being"
  • Relevance of Vedanta teachings in the 21st century
  • Shedding dualism and the automatic model.
  • The "big picture" for us all.
Through our exploration of the big questions in life, we get the opportunity to expand our field of awareness and go home a little bit closer to realising our place in the universe.  Week to week, each of us uncover something of value to bring greater harmony and balance to our lives.  This course is suitable for anyone who has completed other Living Philosophy courses and wants to continue exploring perennial philosophy themes in a conversational way, bringing a range of views that contribute to our collective consciousness.  No one is "right" or "wrong"....we all have a valuable life aspect to share.

Time: Tuesdays  6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Date: Term 2:   9 June –11 August 2015

Venue: Heathcote - Murray House, 58-60 Duncraig Road, Applecross

Facilitator: Peter Whyte - Peter is a retired lawyer who has studied philosophy and practiced spirituality in his life for over 20 years. He brings great wisdom and depth of experience to the classroom where he engages all with his affable and often humorous style. 

Pre-Requisites: Ideally participants will have completed the Living Philosophy Introductory Course or Mindfulness and Meditation or have attended the School of Philosophy in Australia or overseas. 

Fee: $220 standard / $180 concession or Earlybird special (paid in full by 1 June) 

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