Leadership and Organisations

The following articles describe a range of topics that relate to leadership and organisational development.  They include the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and social aspects important to achieving balanced and healthy individuals, organisations and communities.

  • A Lot of Change but Nothing Changes
    This article describes four Integral quadrants that must be considered for successful change to occur.  The eight elements that are needed for change and the key catalysts that support change are also discussed.  If any of these elements are missing, symptoms occur which are directly related to the missing elements.  The elements include:  pressure to change, a clear shared vision, capacity, and other aspects needed for effective change.  This model integrates various models of change into one comprehensive approach.
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  • Integral Potential
    This article summarises the major ideas of Integral Theory and translates them into a framework useful for leadership and organisational development.  The major elements of Integral theory: states, stages, lines, quadrants, holons, type and Spirit are described and incorporated into an Integral model of leadership and management.  Short cases of individual leaders are included to demonstrate aspects of Integral Theory in practice.
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  • Leadership Moment by Moment
    This article provides a summary of the major concepts and research on leadership, including:  personality traits, situational and transformational leadership and the interpersonal skill of effective leadership - emotional intelligence.  It then  goes on to describe the importance of leadership wisdom and discusses six skills for leadership, which include: being in the present moment, letting go of ego attachments and being able to quiet the mind. 
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  • Redefining Leadership for the 21st Century
    In this article you will find a summary of new concepts and approaches to leadership as well as a description of a new set of characteristics, which are needed by leaders to deal with the challenging and complex issues of the 21st century.
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  • Integral 360
    This article summarises the current research on the effectiveness of 360 degree feedback. The Integral model of 360 degree leadership and management outlined  is based on the research of John Kotter and Robert Quinn,  the creator of the eight roles.
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  • Leaders Developing Leaders
    This article discusses the use of senior leaders within organisations that take on the role of developing upcoming leaders. Examples of General Electric and other companies are given to highlight 'teachable moments' and the importance of the experience and wisdom of senior leaders.
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  • Adjusting Blurred Integral Visions: Defining Integral Categories of Organisational Transformations
    This article describes the key characteristics that define an Integral approach to the study of organisational transformation and offers a way to understand and categorise the various approaches writers have taken.
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  • Stockland Case Study
    This case study examines the growing interest in the Employer of Choice (EOC) concept that many organisations are hoping to use as a competitive advantage in times of economic volatility. The study specifically examines the steps that Stockland, an Australian property developer, has taken to achieve the status of an EOC.
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  • Beyond the Threshold: Using Climate Change Literature to Support Climate by Richard A Slaughter 
    This article is intended primarily for those involved in some aspect of climate change but who are only marginally familiar with Integral Theory. It draws on a sample of recent climate change literature for two main purposes. First, it employs Integral methods to honour and explore what each has to offer, thus contributing to a larger picture. Second, it seeks to support and strengthen climate change responses at the level of social policy and action. The article explores underlying patterns in the literature and makes suggestions about how the Integral lens can both clarify issues and promote actions that are, in some sense, "called forth" by the threat of climate change. 
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  • The Biggest Wake Up Call in History  
    Richard Slaughter's book, The Biggest Wake Up Call in History, describes the environmental problems facing the planet and puts forward solutions from a comprehensive, integral perspective. He argues that viewing environmental threats through an integral lens will lead to innovative and far-reaching responses to rectify the situation. 
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  • Leader/ship Development: Moving in Place or Moving Forward
    This article, written by Julie Johnson and Ron Cacioppe, reviews the current research and practice in leadership development. It examines the methods and effectiveness of leadership development programs and highlights that there are many different definitions and models of leadership.  
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  •  Assessing Social Impact in Public Infrastructure Projects using Social Network Analysis

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