Integral Environmental Sustainability: Achieving an Integral Vision of Business Success with Zero Environmental Impact by Ron Cacioppe and David McDermott

Within the organisations of the world  there is a need for a wider view that involves a willingness to cooperate and not just compete. The Integral Environmental Sustainability study shows the significant financial benefits accruing to organisations that adopt sustainable practices. The article highlights the urgency of the need to act now in order to avoid serious negative impact on future generations, and provides a comprehensive roadmap to help managers and individuals deeply embed sustainability into their organisations.

Integral Sustainability combines the Cradle to Cradle approach with Integral Theory to present a perspective on what is needed for organisations to take the wider view. Cradle to Cradle thinking involves a highly profitable model of sustainable business operation that focuses on the restoration of natural environmental cycles. Integral Theory was developed by the American Philosopher Ken Wilber and uses a four quadrant model emphasising the relationship between the individual and the collective whole. These approaches provide a healthy structure and basis for developing an innovative sustainability strategy.

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