Ray Anderson - Founder, Chairman and ex-CEO of Interface Inc

Leader of the world’s largest modular carpet manufacturer, InterfaceFLOR, Ray Anderson is driven by the vision of his company becoming a global environmental leader with zero environmental footprint by 2020. Known in environmental circles as one of the most advanced and progressive CEOs to champion industrial ecology and sustainability in the world, Ray was named hero of the environment in 2007 by Time magazine and also featured in the movie The Corporation (Achbar & Abbott, 2003).

Interface’s vision is to be the first company, by its deeds, to show the industry what sustainability is in all its dimensions: people, process, product, place and profits and in doing so,  become restorative through the power of influence. Ray's ethos is that the environmentally friendly business model is a better business model capable of making a bigger and more legitimate profit. In addition, InterfaceFLOR has more than 4,000 employees that are committed to its vision and who feel they are working for the kind of company that empowers them to be profitable and to ‘do well by doing good’. The company has an estimated turnover of one billion (US) dollars a year, placing them as an  industry leader in terms of sales and profitability.