Dennis Littky - Co-Director, The Big Picture Company

The Big Picture Company, co-founded by Mr. Littky, is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to educate ‘one student at a time’ in the hope of creating lifelong learners who are productive workers and engaged human beings. Learning is tailored to match the interests and goals of individual students, the curriculum is socially relevant to the real world and students’ abilities are measured by the quality of their work. The company works with more than 50 schools to adapt school design and train educators in appropriate techniques. Dennis Littky has over 35 years' in secondary education in urban, rural and suburban schools and hhas a Ph.D in psychology from the University of Michigan. Mr Littky was featured in the film: “The Leadership Alliance” (1988), produced by Tom Peters. A book has been written about him entitled Doc: The Story Of Dennis Littky And His Fight For A Better School (by Susan Kammeraad-Campbell).

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